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Yup, from next Nov.27th on, Madrid will be the place to go and see Chicago the musical. It'll be, of course(^^u) in Spanish, but I'm seriously considering the visit. I mean, it's 60€ (the cheapest tickets are completely sold out), but man, It's Chicago!!.

I was unlucky enough to find out there was a contest for today and they were giving out free tickets, but well, maybe I can get free tickets as when we went to Spamalot.

For those profanes, Chicago is a Brodaway Musical from 1975 and it's one of the longest running musicals ever. The story talks about Roxie Hart, an unfaithful wife that lives in Chicago, city of sin and Jazz, that ends up caged for killing her lover. There she meets Velma Kelly, a former Jazz Star charged with the murder of her sister and husband when she finds out they were cheating on her. In jail we meet Mamma Morgan, the very own jailer, who helps the prisoners for money, or Billy Flinn,a lawyer with no qualms and the rest of the cast, a whole bunch of women guilty of murder but with a good reason for killing. Roxie then has to perform a show to prove her "innocence" guided by Billy, the best lawyer in Chicago with a strange concept of "justice=show business", and become a star in the process.

Some of you, as well as me, have surely seen the film starred by Catherine Z. Jones, Richard Gere and Renée Zellweger. I loved it and I'm a big fan (and I really like musicals) and I'll be there if I have the chance!.

You can learn more about it here and tickets are sold here
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Deleted comment

De mudanza, se dice de mudanza XDDDDD

¿Spamalot? tienes que ir, en serio.

Deleted comment

Se dice mudanza porque usar anglicismos para nada es de catetos, ea :P

Normal, es que preparar una casa es un coñazo padreXD
That's wonderful! I hope you do get to see it and have a GREAT time! :)

*giggle insanely* Spamalot! *laughs* I've not seen it but I've heard it's hilariously funny! :D <----Dyed-in-the-wool Monty Python fan here! :D
I'm a mega Monty Phyton's fan, and I hade a GREAT time (specially since it was free! also it was those reharsal sessions that are close to the great opening).

I hope I get the money to go!!XD
COOL! :D I'm really glad to hear that you had a great time! :)

Me, too! :)
¿Entradas gratis para Spamalot? ¡¡¡¡VAYA SUERTE!!!!
fue más coñazo que suerte, Por ser socia de la FNAC, en la newsletter me dijeron que regalaban tal dia, desde las 9 de la mañana estuve llamando sin parar hasta que conseguí una entrada dobleXD
Esteee, Hola!!

Hace tiempo que quería hacer esto, pero nunca encuentro el momento ^^U

Nos conocimos brevemente en Barcelona el año del disfraz de Quidditch, tenemos gustos y bastantes amigos en común, así que espero que no te importe. ^___________^

Seguramente te conozca, pero ¡éramos tantos!

Bienvenida, claro que no me importa que me agregues a tu lista :3