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Kamapon.com is BACK!

Hiya all!! I've got GREAT news!The new Kamapon.com website is back!! a Brand new look for a Brand new Portfolio.
I've got to thank my hubby, Panda, in charge of the programming and designing of this lovely website. ^_^
I hope you like this, becase I'm coming back and forth for you, my dearies, to share my art and spread the love. Let me know your opinion, allright?
Remember to check everything and click on the little thubnails in the lower part of the screen, they'll lead you to every gallery and site I'm in!
Also, I've opened a Facebook Group a Formspring account (in case you want to ask me whatever it's in your head) and Upgraded my DA account!
So, here I am, with a renewed and new site for all the fans out there that missed me and also for all the people that knows nothing about me... stay tuned, people, Kamapon is back!
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