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FOR SALE!!! [19 Jun 2010|01:28pm]
I sell all this, please comment if you're interested or send me an email to kamapon @ gmail (dot) com
Vendo todo esto, dejar un comentario si estás interesado@ o escríbeme a kamapon @ gmail (punto) com

Prices do not include shipping, as it depends on the country I'll be sending items to.
Los precios no incluyen gastos de envío porque depende del pais de destino.

I accept paypal and bank transfer (in case you're from Spain). I don't accept trades, though.
Acepto pago por paypal y transferencia bancaria (si eres español). No acepto trueque.

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Commission [01 May 2010|05:31pm]
This time a commission for TarmaHartley, she asked for Nick and Miles in "victorian" outfits and cuddling! :)

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ChibiDharma Initiative... [04 Apr 2010|09:30pm]
Part 1!

My bro kind of commissioned me for this and asked me to draw every character in Lost in chibi form ...(I'll die before I can complete it, I guessXD)

so here you are!

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I'm a fan (of courseXD) of myself [20 Mar 2010|12:21am]

Promocionar tu página también

are you? ;)
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Lang Zi Says... AAI Fanart [07 Mar 2010|10:48am]
Hi!!! I bring new fanart!

Specially for, studiokawaii because we ship this hot wolfie! Hey, they also helped me with anatomy on this one!

Rou Shiryuu aka Shi Long Lang, ain't he hot? And yes, that's Franziska's whip!

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Kamapon.com is BACK! [27 Feb 2010|09:12pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hiya all!! I've got GREAT news!The new Kamapon.com website is back!! a Brand new look for a Brand new Portfolio.
I've got to thank my hubby, Panda, in charge of the programming and designing of this lovely website. ^_^
I hope you like this, becase I'm coming back and forth for you, my dearies, to share my art and spread the love. Let me know your opinion, allright?
Remember to check everything and click on the little thubnails in the lower part of the screen, they'll lead you to every gallery and site I'm in!
Also, I've opened a Facebook Group a Formspring account (in case you want to ask me whatever it's in your head) and Upgraded my DA account!
So, here I am, with a renewed and new site for all the fans out there that missed me and also for all the people that knows nothing about me... stay tuned, people, Kamapon is back!

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Just in Case you're interested... [18 Feb 2010|11:56am]

This is Clary's Shop. Clary's mint_green 's mum and she's got a degree in crafts. She does it amazingly well too, and it's not only because she's a friend, she actually is superb at it.

They decided to open an Etsy Shop, so why don't you try? You may find something you like there :)

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Happy new year pictureXD [30 Jan 2010|08:14pm]
I know it's been a month already...but that's exactly what it took me to finish this!! XD

I hope you like it and...HAPPY NEW (belated) YEAR!!

happy new year!
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Before I forget... [20 Dec 2009|06:25pm]
This is another pic for aviss because I've finally finished it! Made with copics and pretty crappy, but I'll never get better if I don't practice, right?

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PIC! [20 Dec 2009|06:19pm]
Because they're my new GS OTP.

I can't believe Gyakuten Saiban gave another brand new OTPXD

Specially for studiokawaii my partners in crime ;D

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Birthday presents! [06 Dec 2009|10:51pm]
aviss's Bday's in around 10 days and I couldn't wait.

Here you go, a couple for gift fanarts for her. I'm also preparing a Kakairu pic.

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Chicago! [17 Nov 2009|09:42am]
[ mood | excited ]

Yup, from next Nov.27th on, Madrid will be the place to go and see Chicago the musical. It'll be, of course(^^u) in Spanish, but I'm seriously considering the visit. I mean, it's 60€ (the cheapest tickets are completely sold out), but man, It's Chicago!!.

I was unlucky enough to find out there was a contest for today and they were giving out free tickets, but well, maybe I can get free tickets as when we went to Spamalot.

For those profanes, Chicago is a Brodaway Musical from 1975 and it's one of the longest running musicals ever. The story talks about Roxie Hart, an unfaithful wife that lives in Chicago, city of sin and Jazz, that ends up caged for killing her lover. There she meets Velma Kelly, a former Jazz Star charged with the murder of her sister and husband when she finds out they were cheating on her. In jail we meet Mamma Morgan, the very own jailer, who helps the prisoners for money, or Billy Flinn,a lawyer with no qualms and the rest of the cast, a whole bunch of women guilty of murder but with a good reason for killing. Roxie then has to perform a show to prove her "innocence" guided by Billy, the best lawyer in Chicago with a strange concept of "justice=show business", and become a star in the process.

Some of you, as well as me, have surely seen the film starred by Catherine Z. Jones, Richard Gere and Renée Zellweger. I loved it and I'm a big fan (and I really like musicals) and I'll be there if I have the chance!.

You can learn more about it here and tickets are sold here

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fanart [14 Nov 2009|01:08pm]
New fanart!!!
It's been ages since I shared new fanart! Mia and Diego=OTP I love them <3. Done in Paintool Sai

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Strange [29 Oct 2009|03:16pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It's strange indeed, today starts the Barcelona Manga Con and I feel nothing.

Years ago I would feel envy. I saw a lot of friends travelling to Barcelona in the last weekend of October and I always thought I wanted to go, although my parents wouldn't let me go. Some years after that I was overexcited, I went for a couple of years in a row and it meant fun and friends, cosplay and lots of time in a manga wonderland.

I grew up and I realized it was really exhausting, I didn't feel like I could find there whatever I wanted because stalls would only have the same things than in previous years and plus, the internet provided all those so I didn't need to go to find hard-to-find merchandise...and I started to feel stressed and annoyed.

This year, being two years since I last met thorbadin  and gingetsu , two dear friends I miss a lot right now, two years since we almost became pros in the manga business (smoke illusions, on the other hand), two years since our Poenix Wright Cosplay....I find myself...indifferent. I barely noticed the con, a great event, something I longed for, something I've enjoyed, something that made me meet a bunch of dear friends...and now it's like "wow, so it's this weekend, uh?" but it means nothing. Actually I feel relieved of being at home instead of struggling against a mass of freakish and loud people. I also think of the great amount of money I'm saving... (plane, trains, and various transportations)....and I realize that means I'm growing older...

It's strange how being indifferente makes me feel sad somehow.

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Fanart [12 Oct 2009|11:03am]
Fanart! (because it's been ages...)

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Whoo, two pics in a row! [07 Sep 2009|08:13pm]
Free time + Layton 2 makes me draw Anthony..(this is too simple, so I'll put my muse down to work right now).

Anthony (Anton in the US ver.) from Professor Layton and the Diabolical box in my style.

Let's dance, SophiaCollapse )
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fanart [07 Sep 2009|12:15pm]
I bring fanart, completely worksafe and featuring Maya and Pearly =)

Fanart!Collapse )
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El trono [30 Aug 2009|09:18pm]
It's been so long since I last took the camera out to take photos of my dolls that I decided to build some kind of scenery and shoot them. It may look simple but...well it is, it's a bunch of fabric and some boxes, actuallyXD

The throneCollapse )
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A work of art, kuroshitsuji doujinshi [22 Aug 2009|05:20pm]
This is my first Kuroshitsuji doujinshi, and to be honest, I must blame aviss for this. She wrote the wonderfull short fic A work of art and woke up my muse, specially since she wrote it for me. For this, I wanted to thank her drawing this for her =). Comments are welcome!!

A work of artCollapse )
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Darren Shan [06 Aug 2009|09:15am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Oh Darren…what have you done….

Have you seen the latest news on the soon-on-theatres Darren Shan Film?....Awful. Not only awful but also ugly. I mean, cast is terrible, the squeezed a whole trilogy in a single film…you’d expect an impressive poster…wrong, it’s, as I said, awful.

LOOONG Rants on thisCollapse )

EDIT: Trailer here:

....no comments

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